Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Oh yeah? Well... you can't play with my toys anymore

What is this country coming to? Seriously, take a good look around for a second. Yes, we still have more money than most nations, but what are we using it for? To wage wars on countries that don't attack us without even a majority of support from the population, and then to piss and moan and act like babies when our allies say the same thing that most people in our own country are saying. OK, the "majority of the population" thing is based on the sampling of people with which I have contact, and the majority of sentiment I hear people voicing on television. All I know is that every time there is a war protest, the White House doesn't comment. When a majority of Republicans were elected into Congress, however, the White House commented that it means America Wants War. And now, the freedom fries. I have no desire to actually move away (see refinancing saga below), but I would like to be put into suspended animation until reading the news doesn't make me want to hurl.

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