Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Probably Shouldn't Jinx It

I have about a week left in my second trimester, and I have to say that things are going really, really well. I can (mostly) breathe through my nose again, and I can now brush my teeth without feeling like I'm going to hurl. That was weird. Also, I'm sleeping pretty well on average, not including the early morning pee breaks. Most of the time when I wake up in the morning I don't even feel pregnant, I'm so amazingly comfortable. My monthly doctor's appointments last approximately 5 minutes. We listen to the heartbeat, and confirm there are no problems or questions. Done!

Lately I have been reflecting about how lucky we are that things have gone so normally. I have heard so many horror stories and seen so many disturbing things on TV, I feel like I have spent the last 6 months waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or maybe the first shoe. Somewhere, I just know a shoe is waiting to drop. Like I said, I probably shouldn't jinx it. Then again, it can't be a bad thing to realize how good I have it, right?

I will probably take this all back in the third trimester, but I'm hoping that I am able to continue being active, which seems to help me sleep and feel a lot better overall. I have this DVD made by a Cirque du Soleil trapeze artist when she was really, REALLY pregnant. Observe:

Granted, I'm not doing this workout very often, maybe once a week, but I always feel pretty good when I do. The only thing I object to in this DVD is that her final move is to put her arms straight out to the sides and make little circles with them for 3 minutes straight. I'm not sure how much practice it would take me to go from my pitiful 1 minute to her 3, but more than my remaining 3 months!

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Paul Bright said...

glad things are going well! My ol' Spanish teacher compared her pregnancy with ordering a new car and waiting for it to show up.