Sunday, June 09, 2002

Ode to a Chat Room

As I sit and play my game, trying the achieve the American dream of getting money for nothing, I idly read the chat board. What do I find? Drama? Intrigue? No, I find more than that, even. I find prose that seems more to me like beat poetry, written by illiterates. The illiterati.

Oh dear, I have no idea of whom I am speaking to

do you what to go lol

kimberly are you stocking me

i didnt meanto do that why are you mad at me please dont go

Human drama, in incomplete run-on sentences. I am fascinated by it, and no matter how much I want to turn it off while I play, I find I cannot. Will Barbie20672 find any cute guys on today? Is anyone on from Maryland? I find I must know.

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