Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Carolina Christmas

It was 70 degrees the other day. Naturally, it was pouring down rain. Even umbrellas were futile, given that the wind was blowing so hard. I think I would prefer some nice snow, thanks. Then my fiance could actually get some time off work. His company is so crazy they wouldn't even say "don't come in" during the ice storm when they HAD NO POWER. They left a series of messages that said check back in another two hours, check back at noon, check back at 3:00, then finally they figured the power wasn't coming back on. The message then said, "The building is without power. If you have things that are of critical importance that you can do by the light of the window, come in." I was pretty much speechless - which is rare for me, believe me. Yeah, so the streets are icy, there is ice falling off the buildings and the trees that could seriously injure you, you are probably without power and heat at your house... but come in if there's something that the company really needs you to do, K? Sheesh.

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