Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Fran on Ice

I suppose I could share some things about the recent ice storm that hit North Carolina. (See pictures here.) Frankly, the only thing that comes to mind is "Wow, that sucked pretty hard." We were among the fortunate, though, we had power the whole time, it just flickered randomly. We had also purchased the new expansion for our crack... er, I mean... video game, so we were content save the occasional reboot due to flaky power. We would get up every so often to go look out the window at the tree that is now leaning over our porch, threatening to crush it like a grape. A grape porch. My feeling on this ice storm, along with many of the major hurricanes that pass through this area, is that it is [your deity of choice]'s way of saying YOU HAVE TOO MANY FREAKIN' TREES! Natural selection for the arbors. That sort of thing. Speaking as someone who spent an entire day recently trying to rake up all the leaves in my yard, I say, good idea.

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