Thursday, January 16, 2003

Do You Hear the Lambs, Clarice?

If you have a list of ten movies everyone should see, feel free to email them to me, still. My email address is at left, all code-like to avoid the evil spammers (hopefully).

Speaking of evil, there is a guy in our office building that has been creeping me out ever since he got here. If the police suspected that a serial killer was renting in our building, I would know EXACTLY who to point to, assuming that my safety was guaranteed. He is maybe a little old for "the profile" that they talk about in the movies, but he is very quiet, nondescript, keeps to himself, etc. Also, he will dig through every candy dish in the building to find the gold-wrapped Brachs candies. He will go to every dish, take ALL the candy out of it, and mumble to himself the whole time. I have seen the work he gives to the our shared secretary, and he literally cuts up other letters he's written and pastes the sentences onto a new piece of paper for her to type. He will then underline parts of them in pen. They look like ransom notes to me, and I'm sure she has her reservations. The other day, I walked to the kitchen and he was standing in front of the door, just staring in. I politely said, "excuse me," as I edged cautiously around him, and he looked startled, walked into the kitchen, and proceeded to stand in front of the soda machine, staring. As Strongbad would say, "That guy gives me the jibblies." Jibbly.

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