Friday, May 17, 2002

Service Please!

I don't enjoy getting bad service in a restaurant. But I also don't enjoy getting all snitty with the waitstaff. Who does this help? Honestly, it ruins my meal more hearing everyone at the table badmouth the waiter than simply not getting a re-fill of my water or not having silverware right away when the food comes. If I have to wait half an hour for my food, I don't want to spend it hearing people complain. Maybe I'm too soft, I mean, I was a waitress once and a very very bad one at that. Of course, I had some strange things happen. Once I apparently lost an eyelash in someone's orange juice. I have no control over my follicles, sorry. Once there was a spider crawling on somebody's lettuce in their BLT. Fresh from the garden, Ma'am! Anyway, I cut waitstaff a break, or I try to. Especially the cute boys. Don't go spouting off that I'm sexist, I know guys do it for cute waitresses too, I'm sure it balances out.

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