Thursday, August 15, 2002

Telemarketers Are Invading My Voicemail

I have received numerous carpet cleaning advertisements in my home voicemail. They are fairly generic, and to me just mean that I don't actually have to tell someone no in person, all I have to do is push the delete button. If my mailbox were full of these, I would have to hunt them down and shoot them, of course.

At work, I have gotten a very disturbing voicemail telemarketer, twice. She says (paraphrased since it's already deleted):

Sam? This is Lisa. I think this message needs to go to the manager of the loan officers. Anyway, the reason I'm calling is... um... we've had hundreds of people log on to our website to find out about refinancing their mortgage, and I think that you should try to contact them. Please give me a call at 1-800....

OK. First of all, my outgoing message identifies me as Jennifer [last name] at [company name]. Secondly, leave me alone.

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