Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Boobs, Week Six

27 treatments down, 6 to go. Whee! I decided to try going bra-less yesterday, and wore the softest t-shirt I own, instead. It happens to be a shirt that says HANG LOOSE - HAWAII. I am not making this up. Anyway, it was worth a shot, but didn't really help anything.

It's kind of funny when I show up too early or they are behind schedule at the radiaition oncologist. When they call me back, everyone else in the waiting room gets a really stunned look on their face, as if they expected me to show up there to wait for someone... or perhaps just for fun? The thing is, I am pretty young to be having radiation, and look a bit younger than I actually am (thanks mother nature!) so people get wiggy. Yesterday, there was an elderly man in a wheelchair who was talking to everyone else in the waiting room. He stared at me for a little bit, and then said, "You ain't seeing no doctah!" Then they called me back. I'm not sure if that experience made him feel better or worse about his own situation. I mean, sure, I'm going through this awfully early in life. But on the other hand, younger people are obviously much better-equipped to handle treatments that are a little tough on the body. Either way, I just enjoy shocking the hell out of people.

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