Monday, September 02, 2002

The Leprechaun Gets Hitched

We were in Michigan for a few days, for my fiance's grandmother's wedding. Yes, his grandmother. She will be 70 this year. She stands about 4'11" so we occasionally call her a leprechaun. Anyway, she met a guy through a friend of hers, and started meeting him for breakfast at McDonald's every morning. After a great deal of soul searching ("I'm never getting married again, no way!") she decided to marry him. She was pretty cute about the whole relationship, for months she denied that he was her boyfriend ("We're just friends!"), and so forth. Despite my continual playing of "Here Comes the Bride" the day before the ceremony, she flatly refused to walk down the aisle. She did ask me to play a prelude... ten minutes beforehand. But it turned out OK, I mean, at least nobody left. I think her refusal to walk down the aisle comes from the 11th commandment of the Midwest, "Thou Shalt Not Be Made a Fuss Over." Just for that, I'm posting a picture of her here. Ha! Nuggets of wisdom from the trip later.

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