Thursday, September 12, 2002

The BBC World News

I enjoy the perspective I get from listening to the BBC World News in the morning. For example, I heard Peter Jennings on television this morning saying something like:

Will President Bush be able to convince a reluctant United Nations of the need to attack Iraq?

OK, now that puts a slant on it, doesn't it? I mean, it pits him as David against Goliath, doesn't it? But wait.. wait... what if we actually don't need to attach Iraq? What then? On the BBC World News this morning:

Will the United States be able to strongarm the United Nations into agreeing to an attack on Iraq? And if so, will the UN have any credibility left?

What I don't understand is why. Why bomb the haystack to kill the needle? How many innocent people get killed that way? Just to avoid making this an ultra-serious post, I also enjoy listening to the BBC to hear certain reporters call him "Meester Booosh." We meet again, Meester Booosh.

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